November 27th and December 4th 2007
Publishing of regulations amending and supplementing the regulation (CE) n° 1013/2006 on shipments of waste.
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Aluminium (Al)
Soft metal, lightweight,
Resistant with a matte silver grey

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Silver (Ag)
Silvery white metallic
High conductivity
Silver salts are photosensitive

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Bismuth (Bi)
Iridescent silver
By- product of the extraction of lead, copper, tin, silver and gold

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Development of waste

Development of waste

We encourage the industry to look for sustainable solutions for recycling their waste. By increasing the amount of waste recycled, together we will protect our environment.

Scrap metal:
scraps, sheet, turnings, pipes, molybdenum electrodes, electronic components

Spent catalysts used and scraps of new catalysts:
nickel/molybdenum – cobalt/molybdenum – nickel/cobalt/molybdenum – Raney nickel – nickel reforming – nickel/barium – copper/zinc – copper oxide – zinc oxide – copper/chromium – platinum – palladium in the form of powder, extrudates, rings

Complex residues:
sludge, dirt, dust, aqueous solutions with or without cyanide, filters, land filtration, metal hydroxide sludge

Developed metal:
aluminium, nickel, molybdenum, tin, zinc, copper, cobalt, vanadium, lead, tungsten, tantalum, titanium, germanium, lithium

Precious metals  :
gold, silver, palladium, platinum but also ruthenium, rhodium

Co products

Stocks of obsolete chemicals

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