November 27th and December 4th 2007
Publishing of regulations amending and supplementing the regulation (CE) n° 1013/2006 on shipments of waste.
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Aluminium (Al)
Soft metal, lightweight,
Resistant with a matte silver grey

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Silver (Ag)
Silvery white metallic
High conductivity
Silver salts are photosensitive

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Bismuth (Bi)
Iridescent silver
By- product of the extraction of lead, copper, tin, silver and gold

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Waste identification:
Thanks to the help of our completed “technical data sheet” and after analysis of a representative sample, we evaluate the waste that is to be recycled.

Suggested recycling solutions:
We submit to the waste producer a sustainable recycling solution mixing good financial conditions and respect for the environment.

Our removal procedures provide for waste transport, additionally we can accompany the waste with a delivery note upon requesting.

Technical and commercial assistance:
In the case of dangerous waste, as defined on July 14, 2006 by regulation CE n° 1013/2006, we use a notification procedure.
In case of a dispute over the analysis, our services include a supplementary analysis by a neutral laboratory, after which we work with the plant to find alterative solutions.

Processing in authorized plants:
The wast entrusted to us is recycle by authorized European treatment plants.

Traceability of the waste:
Once the waste has been recycled, we return the delivery note to the producer of the waste signed and stamped by the treatment plant.

Treatment assessment:
We communicate all technical details and related analysis of the treatment plant.

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